Success Starts with Getting Engaged

We all know that students learn more when they are engaged. Students who feel a sense of belonging or connection to their teacher and peers, are more likely to stay in school and succeed in life. Pear Deck makes it easy for teachers to connect with every single student in class — across every subject, every grade, and every day.


Keep & Maximize your Existing content & curriculum

You’ve already invested in content and curriculum. Pear Deck helps make those resources engaging and interactive. Keep your lessons in a format you can use and share — no proprietary file types. Create, collaborate, and share your Pear Deck files with a single click.


Seamless integrations &
Unlimited storage

Pear Deck works on any device and in any browser, and seamlessly integrates with Google and Microsoft Apps for Education. Other solutions require schools to buy and manage your storage and file sizes. With Pear Deck all your lessons stay in Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive — no limits ever.


Easy to learn,
Easy to implement

With thousands of tech tools out there, teachers have enough to do without learning new ones. Pear Deck is built to work with the classroom apps teachers really use. Working with Pear Deck is as simple as opening Slides or PowerPoint. No need to upload files, or to learn a new set of tools.

Simple, transparent pricing

Get started



Design brilliant lessons with interactive questions, polls, quizzes, formative assessments

Work seamlessly with powerful classroom tools from Google and Microsoft

Control the pace of class and project student answers anonymously

Enable students to join a session anonymously without email login

Keep students in sync with Locks and Timers

Ready-to-teach templates designed by educators

Teach vocabulary with Flashcard Factory*

Activate tEACHER superpowers



View and highlight student responses by name with the Teacher Dashboard

Support remote and asynchronous work with Student Paced mode

Control the pace of class and project student answers anonymously

Add Draggable and Drawing responses

Keep students in sync with Locks and Timers

Add on-the-fly questions and activities

Capture and share student progress and leave feedback after the session with Reflect & Review

Immersive Reader (beta)

Add Audio to Slides*

Provide feedback to individual students during a lesson with Teacher Feedback (beta)

New! Use the Shared Teacher Dashboard to share Session controls and valuable student insight with other designated educators.




Premium features for every teacher and student

No hidden fees for data storage or content

Efficacy Reports designed to give teachers and administrators real-time usage and data

Custom professional development and training options

Dedicated support for onboarding and implementation

LMS integrations with Canvas and Schoology
*Included with District subscription; fee applies for School subscription

*Indicates features available for educators using Google Apps for Education only.


Get Pear Deck for Your School or District

Pear Deck is amazing for increasing student engagement and giving them a voice in their learning. I want to share this with everyone!
— Dianne Mohler, Elementary Tech Coach