The fastest way to transform presentations into classroom conversations.

Imagine if you could engage every student in your class, every day. What if you could instantly see who’s confused and who’s ready for more? That’s the power of Pear Deck. While Pear Deck has always worked with Google Apps for Education, now teachers at schools using Microsoft Office 365 apps like PowerPoint Online and Teams can add the magic of formative assessments and interactive questions to their classroom experience.


See How it Works


Adding questions with the Add-in

Design Engaging Lessons

Open up the Pear Deck Add-in for PowerPoint Online

Design a brand-new lesson or open an existing presentation from OneDrive. No waiting for uploads or worrying about file sizes.

Create your own custom activity or question. Use Text, Number Response, Multiple Choice, and Web Slide questions to engage students. Upgrade to Pear Deck Premium to add Drawing and Draggable™ response types. 

Present with Pear Deck

Start your presentation and students will join your Pear Deck Session from any device with a web browser.  As you advance your slides, students will be prompted to answer your questions! Students’ answers can be displayed anonymously on the classroom projector, so instead of worrying about getting the right answer and feeling silly in front of peers, your students are putting ideas out there in a safe, anonymous way, discussing, and learning from each other. 


Go deeper with the teacher dashboard

The Dashboard is a private view that gives teachers insight into each student's progress. As an instructor, you can quickly see each individual student response on the Teacher Dashboard.

Highlight good examples or common misconceptions with the star button. Noticing a lot of wrong answers? Adapt! Take a pause, back up, re-explain.

The Teacher Dashboard shows you more confidential information about each student and can be opened on private screen or separate tablet. Student answers when shown on the projector will always be anonymous, giving kids a safe way to answer and participate in front of their peers.   


This feature enables teachers using Pear Deck Premium to share Session controls and valuable student insight with other designated educators, including student teachers, special educators, co-teachers, or even substitutes. With a real-time view of individual student work and the ability to guide and provide direct feedback, educators teaching together can better support the diverse needs of learners everywhere!

Shared Teacher Dash.png

🎉 A New Pear Deck Experience with Microsoft Teams 🎉


With the Pear Deck Add-in for Teams teachers can start a Pear Deck session directly from within Teams! Just open a new tab, choose Pear Deck, select the lesson you want to launch from your PowerPoint files and voilà! A new Pear Deck session is ready to go and your Teacher Dashboard view is already embedded, giving you total control over the session.

Students will automatically see a notification that the Pear Deck session has started and they can join the session directly from within Teams. No wasted time directing students to a new website or getting a code. Just a fast, seamless experience and a classroom of students with you and ready to learn.

Pear Deck for Teams is available now from the Microsoft Store.


Learn Pear Deck for Microsoft

Watch a video for self-guided Microsoft training:

Or, dive into a self-paced Pear Deck for PowerPoint practice deck: