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Are you interested
in attending a Pear Deck Coach Training? 

Pear Deck Certified Coaches are an elite group of educators who have been trained in the best practices of Pear Deck’s student engagement platform. This training goes beyond basic features and functionality, and dives deep into the five pedagogical domains that inform Pear Deck’s Teaching Truths.

Are you interested in deepening your practice and showcasing your Pear Deck savvy to your community and beyond?

Before you share your interest, make sure to read the requirements below. You can also check out our Inspearational Educator Program if you’re interested in becoming a Pear Deck advocate!

A few things to consider:

What is a pear deck Certified coach?

A Pear Deck Certified Coach is a passionate educator who regularly models best practices using Pear Deck to engage students (or colleagues!) and who advocates on Pear Deck's behalf to other educators. Attendance of a formal Pear Deck Coach training is required to become an official Pear Deck Certified Coach!

How can I attend a Pear Deck Coach Training?

Pear Deck Coach Training is an invite-only program that is being activated in select regions across the country as well as virtually.

Please note: Pear Deck Coach Training is intended for educators who have experience using Pear Deck. If you’re looking for introductory level training, please consider attending a Pear Deck Webinar. 

Looking to earn a Pear Deck badge? Check out Pear Deck Achievements or Pear Deck Inspearational Educators

What happens at a Pear Deck Coach Training?

Pear Deck Coach Training has two options, virtual or in-person!

Pear Deck Coach Training is a deep dive into the functionality and pedagogy that fuels Pear Deck.

In the virtual course, you’ll complete the series of modules at your own pace, on your own schedule, finalizing your certification with a one-hour synchronous Zoom call with your cohort!

At in-person events, we provide you with a unique opportunity for hands-on training in a small group setting. As a participant, you will receive a certificate of completion to submit to your district for professional development credit and premium swag.

What Does a Pear Deck Certified Coach do?

  • Model great pedagogical and technical use of Pear Deck

  • Keep up to date with the latest Pear Deck updates

  • Champion and advocate for Pear Deck out in the world and in your school or district

  • Use Pear Deck regularly

  • Stay connected with us via online communities and regional events we attend in your area!

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